Case Study

Encouraging leaders to improve employee engagement


Client Need

After receiving dissatisfactory results from an employee survey, to transform its culture, a Spanish information technology and defense systems company identified the need to improve employee engagement. Thus, the organization partnered with BTS to create a program that encouraged its leaders to develop new leadership skills aligned with the cultural transformation and motivate its employees.


In partnership with the company’s Executive Committee, BTS developed a Manager Playbook, which outlined the behaviors of a great manager at the company. The Playbook was designed with middle managers in mind because of their outsized impact on the organization and its culture. The company’s top 120 senior managers would attend an alignment session where they refined and aligned around the Playbook. Furthermore, the middle managers would go through a learning journey, enabling them to live and practice the Playbook behaviors back on-the-job.


After completing the sessions, participants achieved auspicious results:

  • Net Promoter Score of 72.4; Overall 4.8/5

The majority of participants reported improvement in the following:

  • 92% of managers understood leadership expectations
  • 94% recognized the impact of their decisions
  • 88% identified the best methods for delegation
  • 96% realized the importance of developing people
  • 95% improved their ability to actively listen — making an effort to follow up and manage difficult conversations with employees

According to the employee survey, engagement ratios improved both in managers and in the company:

  • +20% managers
  • +12% company
  • +46% managers’ internal NPS

The overall company improved communication, generate alignment, team commitment and performance, and exercised more inspirational leadership.

Client feedback
  • Until now I had not visualized the importance of something we do every day, giving feedback. Contextualizing its importance in a good use and its impact… furthermore using the tool has given a lot of value to this training. Thank you.”
  • “Undoubtedly (the communication tool) is a valuable ally to organize ideas and establish an effective communication script without leaving loose ends. In sensitive issues such as economic or compensation, this aspect is key.

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