Case Study

Finding innovative solutions to advertise global products


Client Need

A multinational conglomerate needed to find new, inventive ways of operating during the pandemic. The organization partnered with BTS to design a global leadership program to help 30 of its senior leaders broaden their thinking, ideate solutions, and develop a greater capacity for innovation.

The solution

The journey encompassed two years of innovation training during which leaders developed new ideas to apply back on the job. With the onset of Covid-19, the program shifted to a virtual format. Participants continued to innovate, brainstorm, and develop the organization’s product marketing, all while in a fully virtual environment. At the end of the session, leaders presented their final ideas to the CEO and executive team.


Over the course of two years, these exercises generated promising results.

One of the organization’s most senior leaders used BTS tools and methods to design and implement a weekly seminar-series for over 150 teams. The leaders then showcased their work-in-progress prototypes across engineering, product, and design teams, simultaneously racing to unveil a highly anticipated product amid the pandemic.

The CIO of the organization applied the tools to prototype and launch a digital portal that allowed its clients to easily manage their cash flow streams. Today, the solution processes billions of transactions per day from every revenue channel and provides predictive advances for future earnings.

Client feedback
  • “The approach helped us to ship a high quality, polished and cohesive experience [of the product] on Day 1 that with a well-considered user interface and blisteringly-quick loading times.”
  • “Applying the techniques, which was scary to so many, resulted in a much stronger, supportive, inclusive infrastructure team. We proved that everyone can share an equal or appropriate load, and that everyone can contribute to making [the organization] a premium place to work.”

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