Case Study

Implementing change and cultural transformation

for world-leading mining organisation


Client need

A world-leading mining organisation was in the process of implementing a new operating model. Their original, four-year safety and productivity strategy included applying industry-leading capabilities to world-class assets, while maintaining high quality operations. They recognised that the world’s best organisations improve faster than their peers, and systemically improve safety and productivity. So, the organisation set out to differentiate itself by consistently achieving operational outperformance by implementing a continuous improvement culture throughout all sites.

To do so, the organisation needed to underpin its existing operational capabilities with world-class manufacturing processes and build a productivity-enabling culture. This would allow the organisation to align its strategy, operating philosophy, and principles to become a top-performing organisation — one that leads the sector, keeps its people safe while developing their capabilities, and exceeds expectations for shareholder returns.

To implement this new strategy, the organisation partnered with BTS and another development partner to co-create a learning program that would supercharge deploying this operating model. The program sought to uplift transformational capability within the organisation. BTS facilitators provided a structured program, including on-the-ground coaching and feedback, to support the shifts required to execute this new strategy.

“When you have a high-quality coach, the learning experience is fulfilling and resonates.”

“We now have the required suite of tools to help the entire business moving forward.”

“Increased quality in dealing with colleagues, listening to them and coaching them.”

“If another opportunity comes to be able to learn more from my coach. I will be jumping at it.”

The solution

The deployment of the new operating model was run in waves at each site and was led by three different types of deployment resources called ‘coaches’. For over two years, BTS provided development programs for each type of coach. Each one included simulations, change and transformation, leadership, and Individual coaching. The goals of all levels of coaching were to close any gaps the deployment team might have, and focused on three areas:

  • Build the coaching capability of the deployment team so they would be more effective at shifting behaviour and mindsets in the business
  • Build an understanding of the nuances of mining and the client culture in those new to the organisation
  • Build an understanding of the new operating model in all coaches

Experience Great Coaching:

  • 92 percent of participants reported significant or some change as a result of the coaching
  • 96 percent of participants would recommend the coaching to a colleague

Business Benefits:

  • 22 percent noted an increase in efficiency in the workplace as a result of the coaching
  • 35 percent noted an increase in quality in the workplace as a result of the coaching
  • 6 percent noted a retention in talent as a result of the coaching

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