Case study

Leading during uncertainty


Leading during uncertainty

Client need

Facing challenging times within a difficult market, a recent acquisition, and quality issues, a leading consumer goods business recognized the need develop its leaders. The organization wanted to equip its leaders with the skills to manage through and out of this period of uncertainty.

“Helped me and my team rediscover our spark.”

The solution…

The organization partnered with BTS to create a solution that:

  • Allowed every leader in the business to experience a structured 1:1 coaching program.
  • Used digital and remote technology to connect leaders to an executive coach, allowing leaders to explore a set of topics.
  • Covered resilience, leading in uncertainty, creating energy for change, and building momentum.
  • Explored digital content prior to each session to identify best practices and key ideas, which they could then apply and personalize with their coach.
  • The business bounced back to meet its revenue and profit targets in the year the program was run.
  • 9.4 out of 10 average rating for the quality of the coaching sessions
  • 96% of participants said they changed due to the experience

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