Case study

New Leader Program:

Embarking on a leadership journey


Client need

A multinational software corporation needed a powerful solution to develop its first-time leaders, who were rapidly being promoted to new roles but lacked an understanding of how to lead at the company. Recognizing the need to develop this talent, the company partnered with BTS to co-create a 14-week learning journey.

The solution…
  • Focused on cultivating the three critical skills identified as necessary for first-time leaders in the organization:
    • Giving feedback and coaching
    • Achieving results through your team
    • Leading high-performance teams
  • Included three “Practice with an Expert” sessions. In each, participants were paired with a BTS Assessment Expert who helped them practice new skills, give feedback and coach them on how to apply their new skills back on the job.
  • 93% of program participants strongly agreed that, “The overall learning experience was valuable.”
  • 95% of program participants strongly agreed with the statement, “I believe the skills developed in the program will help me be more effective as a leader at the company.”

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