Case Study

Scaling an award-winning, facilitated leadership program

with a self-paced journey


Client need

Amidst significant change in priorities, a leading media and telecommunications organization was challenged with how to scale its award-winning facilitated leadership program to reach a geographically dispersed pool of new leaders across the organization… on a significantly reduced budget.

The solution…

Through a highly collaborative and comprehensive design phase, BTS was able to re-design the entire learning experience by leveraging the following elements:

  • Creating a series of self-paced learning modules, for pre- and post-workshop consumption that would large numbers and drive both knowledge acquisition and learning sustainment.
  • Leveraging and digitizing existing in-house resources and assets to optimize costs and efficiency.
  • Integrating all learning program elements within the organization’s learning ecosystem.

Though facing dramatic cuts in their training budgets, the organization partnered with BTS to deliver a high-impact program – achieved by emphasizing digital learning (e.g., microlearning, virtual learning in groups, performance support). The company was able to stay within a reduced budget and still deliver a best-in-class leadership training program that reached the desired audience in an engaging and effective way.

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