Case Study

The people side

of agile transformation...


Client need

Facing a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment, a leading American financial services corporation knew that they needed to shift to become more agile and customer-centric to continue
to succeed, shifting leadership behaviors from command and control to a more service-oriented “servant leadership” mindset.

The solution…

The organization partnered with BTS to:

  • Build organizational agility, helping leaders lead and operate in “two worlds” as the company transformed from the old way to the new agile way, while also being remote from each other
  • Create a “Leader Playbook,” which people at the company could use as a virtual tool whenever needed, pinpointing the behaviors, mindset and critical leader actions that would set “great” leaders apart from “not-so-great” leaders in bringing this agility to life
  • Design a customized, virtually-delivered business simulation to help bridge the gap between where the organization is now and the future agile state
  • Empower leaders to develop a ‘multiplier mindset,’ which maximizes people’s potential and enables them to become more customer-obsessed.
  • 99% of participants who underwent the program reported that they “Understand how to be a Talent Multiplier.”
  • 90% of participants reported that they would make a change when asked: “Are you likely to change something about your behavior based on this experience?”
  • As a learning and development program, it achieved the highest score of any program run for the organization, with participant satisfaction at unprecedented levels.

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