Case Study

The power of digital training and leader-led follow-up


Client need

A leading financial services company needed to train 900 branch managers on foundational leadership skills, such as – setting goals and holding people accountable, providing corrective feedback and improving morale. The company’s goal was to boost productivity and reduce costly employee attrition.

The solution…
  • BTS Rapid Learning combining six-minute single-concept micro-videos and leader-led coaching in a “micro-first cycle” approach.
  • Senior leaders devised a group training initiative driven by micro-videos and their belief that learning must be revisited. They engaged in 16 three-week “cycles” over the year. Each cycle focused on a single desired behavior change.
  • Meetings consisted of discussion, roleplay and performance feedback. Between meetings learners practiced the behaviors on the job and reported experiences in subsequent meetings.
  • Participants supplemented their journey by accessing related BTS micro-videos in the flow of work.

After one year the managers had achieved meaningful mindset shifts in 16 key performance areas and developed sustainable new habits. The company boosted employee retention by 25% on the teams involved in the training, versus 0% on other teams. The next year, the company repeated the program with 750 additional managers.

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