Case Study

Virtual assessment

for hiring senior leaders and executives in financial services


A leading financial services organization sought to create an engaging, immersive virtual assessment center experience to evaluate senior leader and executive job candidates – beginning with the immediate need to hire a Chief DEI Officer. To accomplish this goal, the organization partnered with BTS to create an assessment center leveraging BTS’s Virtual Individual Assessment (VIA) methodology. The resulting four-hour technology-based simulation mirrored the organization and its senior leader roles, enabling candidates to demonstrate their capabilities while obtaining a realistic preview of the job and organization. The simulation was augmented with a 60-minute career accomplishment interview, a personality assessment, and a cognitive ability assessment. Following the first successful implementation of the assessment to select a new Chief DEI Officer, the organization’s newest leader benefited from a six-month executive coaching engagement with BTS, which helped them acclimate to their new role and organization.

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