Sales kick-offs & large-scale events

Go beyond the old celebration and oration SKO of yesterday. Elevate your event with BTS.

What's new in 2022

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The BTS Sales kickoff and large-scale offsite offering is a unique and custom engagement where we work with your team to create powerfully and intentionally designed experiences that align and inspire your people. Available in-person, virtual, or hybrid, we offer three services: event design advisory, experience development and facilitation, and virtual event enablement. The BTS kickoff and offsite offerings follow our 4 mindful design principles to drive synergistic purpose, ownership, reflection, and intention.

Business challenges addressed

  • I need help designing and preparing for my event
  • I need help developing the main stage and in-room content for my event to bring my event to life
  • I need help managing and executing the virtual event

Program details

  • Format: virtual, in-person, or hybrid
  • Duration: 1-hour; ½-day; 1-day; multi-day
  • Capacity: 5000 or less

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