Leading Through a Downturn

The Recession Playbook

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1 hour

The looming recession in combination with the current inflation and uncertainty is creating an unprecedented operating environment for your leaders. During this webinar, we will explore Leading Through a Downturn, a process designed to help you develop a comprehensive plan and the necessary alignment to lead in a downturn. The solution contains all “the moves” business leaders need to make to navigate a volatile and uncertain operating environment – something we will all face in the next few quarters.

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Listen to the latest BTS Podcast episode about the Recession Playbook, and discover more resources about Recession Readiness.

Expect to walk away with

  • Insights on how to prepare business leaders to navigate a volatile economic environment
  • A solution to introduce to line executives to help them increase leader readiness for an inflationary/recessionary environment
  • Tools to help build alignment and execution readiness in business teams


Highlights include:

  • Full customization to your unique business and specific value chain
  • The fundamental business acumen your teams need
  • Offensive and defensive moves for navigating a recessionary environment
  • Alignment on priorities for senior leaders and operating teams
  • Guidance on cost reduction, asset efficiency, productivity improvements, risk mitigation and focused opportunities to uncover growth
  • Talent moves to balance short term costs with long term competitiveness
  • Innovation that is cost-effective and customer-centric

Who should attend

Talent Leaders as well as Business Leaders and Line Executives looking to recession-proof their business.

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