Recession Readiness

More than 60% of people in your organization have never been through a true recession. Are your people ready?

Most companies suffer during a recession, primarily because demand (and revenue) falls and uncertainty about the future increases. But research shows that there are ways to mitigate the damage. Around 10% of companies in recessions find ways to build earnings steadily throughout the period and continue to build afterward.  The difference maker is preparation.


BTS has prepared the following resources to help you understand the moves and mindsets your organization can use to survive and thrive.

Strategies for recession readiness

How do you recession-proof your brand, survive a downturn, or prepare for inflation? Check out these secret strategies as a roadmap to growth during times of massive uncertainty.

Leadership in uncertain times

Change is a constant in business. The following resources have helped the world’s top leaders plan and align their organizations to face storms head on and come out stronger than ever before.

Becoming Change-Ready™

Equipping your organization for the future means preparing a bench of change ready leaders. Change ready leaders rally around others around a positive reason for change and operate from deep self-awareness and empathy.

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