Are your hiring and onboarding processes broken?

Learn how to fix them by focusing on what your organization and candidates really need

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45 minutes

Hiring and onboarding new employees are arguably the most important steps of the talent lifecycle, so it’s critical to have the keys to success.

Despite the common misconception that onboarding starts once an employee is sitting at their new desk, during this 45-minute webinar we’ll debunk this myth and share why onboarding actually begins during the application process. For decades, outdated and ineffective hiring and onboarding tools and processes have stayed the same, but in today’s business environment, job candidates expect more and tolerate less, learners are changing, technology is changing, and the need to go digital is omnipresent. So how do you get it right?

We will uncover why it is necessary to focus on the candidate experience during the hiring process, identify the link between talent acquisition and onboarding, showcase what a fully digital onboarding experience looks like, and explore how you can leverage the power of microlearning to create impactful and memorable onboarding experiences.

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Optimizing the hiring and onboarding experiences helps balance your talent acquisition strategy to provide value to the candidates while enhancing your organization’s abilities to make the best hiring decisions possible.

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Expect to walk away with

  • An understanding of the importance of closely aligning talent acquisition and onboarding practices
  • Practical steps you can take to accomplish this
  • Three key principles you need to know to improve your onboarding process and provide a more robust candidate experience, deliver better hiring decisions, and increase speed to new hire impact

Who should attend

  • CHROs
  • Chief Talent Officers
  • Heads of Talent, Acquisition, and Development

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