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Today’s employees and job candidates expect more than ever. Macro-, micro-, and socio-economic factors have shifted expectations to a more balanced hiring and onboarding process that is optimized for the candidate as well as the organization. With hiring and onboarding playing such a critical role in organizational success, companies must fine tune, or even overhaul, hiring processes to stay competitive and drive organizational value.

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We believe context matters. Our assessments are about leading your business, not any business, and mirror the dynamics of your business and culture. We build our assessments with real people in mind and create experiences optimized for engagement, scientific and practical, that create value at all levels of talent and through all stages of their career.


The keys to attracting and hiring better candidates, faster

In Episode 11 of Fearless Thinkers, Brad Chambers, PhD, Head of Talent Acquisition Solutions, takes us through the hiring process from a candidate’s perspective, highlighting the moments organizations can leverage to ensure a better fit for both parties.


Are your hiring and onboarding processes broken?

Hiring and onboarding new employees are arguably the most important steps of the talent lifecycle, so it’s critical to have the keys to success. Learn how to fix them by focusing on what your organization and candidates really need.


Context matters

Why your talent acquisition assessments should reflect the realities of the organization and job.


Is your hiring process costing you talent?

Brad Chambers, Head of Talent Acquisition Solutions at BTS, poses four crucial questions about creating uplifting hiring processes for us to consider in this Harvard Business Review article.


3 strategies for helping leaders extinguish collective burnout

In this article published by SmartBrief, Stephanie Peskett, Senior Vice President and Partner at BTS, outlines the three key steps you can take to combat burnout and alleviate stress in the workplace.


Do your diversity initiatives promote assimilation over inclusion?

Lacee Jacobs and Mac Quartarone reflect on their HBR article in Episode 3 of Fearless Thinkers.


Rapid Onboarding with Speed and Scale

Organizations often implement assessments to ensure they hire the right people. However, the effectiveness (i.e., identifying the right people) and speed of the hiring process are often juxtaposed.


AI and Talent Acquisition

A Match Made in Heaven, or the End of Hiring as We Know it? What AI, Machine Learning and Neural Networks Mean for the Hiring Process


In a Digitized World Have Your Talent Assessment Strategies Fallen Behind?

When it comes to assessing new hires, digital tools can improve the candidate experience and ensure that you have great people in your organization.


4 steps to onboard and retain diverse talent

There is an important link between talent-acquisition and employee-onboarding processes. Because candidates form assumptions about working life at an organization very early in the application process, often even before deciding to apply, organizations should ensure that any messaging conveyed during this critical time be on-brand.

Success cases in talent and development

A variety of client stories that exemplify how BTS works with companies to achieve amazing results.

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