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We're in the business of inspiring and equipping people to do the best work of their lives. And when people do the best work of their lives, they create better businesses and a better world.


BTS is the global leader in transforming strategy into action and results through people. With our Middle East operation headquartered in Dubai, we bring over 10 years of experience in the Middle Eastern market working with leading companies across all industries.


People are the key to successfully executing any strategic initiative. Companies need their people to be aligned with the organization’s vision of success, generating the right mindset for them to address necessary changes, develop skills, enable transformation and generate amazing business results.

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What makes us different
Global and Local trusted advisors

We understand the local context having worked in the region for over 10 years. Combining local understanding with our global expertise and thought leadership results in a truly unique approach that accelerates our clients’ results, faster.

Context matters

Leadership is relentlessly contextual. It’s not about leading any business, it’s about leading your business. We customize our approach based on your people, values, culture and business so what you get is perfectly suited to your needs.

Center of excellence in performance measurement

Our obsession with creating impact and driving meaningful business results for our clients led us to develop a center of excellence focused on measuring results and impact in each project, using a combination of business (lagging) and activity (leading) indicators.

Business team in Dubai


Leadership Development

Great leaders create inclusive communities, empower individuals and teams with higher levels of motivation, and lift organizational results.


Today’s leaders must adapt to the rapidly changing world while maintaining the compassion and humility needed to relate to teams on a human level. BTS has deep understanding and expertise in leadership coaching and development, leveraging diverse methods to equip leaders with the tools to succeed.

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Sales & Marketing Strategy

Integrating marketing and sales is transformational.


In today’s market, your sales, marketing, product, and service teams face accelerating buying cycles, fragmented markets, and demanding buyers. BTS has spent years conducting extensive research and working with the world’s best sales and marketing organizations to gain a deep understanding of the critical moments in a buyer’s journey. Leveraging this understanding, we equip your customer-facing teams with the skills and mindsets needed to accelerate results, close sales quickly, and provide elevated service that will keep your clients coming back.

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Strategy Execution & Business Transformation

Going from strategy to execution can be a challenging process. To effectively execute
new business and culture strategies in today’s constantly changing business environment, leaders must inspire teams to shift their mindsets and behaviors as well as initiatives and ways of working. We also know that change has changed. Traditional change management approaches can’t keep up with today’s business evolution. BTS can help your team understand, adapt, and thrive in new competitive landscapes and cultures, providing you with the alignment and mindset necessary to execute your strategies at scale.

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Real-world experiences drive real-world results. We believe context matters. Our assessments are about leading your business, not any business, and mirror the dynamics of your business and culture.

We build our assessments with real people in mind and create experiences optimized for engagement, scientific and practical, that create value at all levels of talent and through all stages of their career. We strive to go beyond the traditional client-vendor relationship to be your total people partner.

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Innovation & Digital Transformation

The discipline of discovering and solving problems in new ways under conditions of uncertainty. All companies want to innovate, and some leaders and organizations already have an idea of what they want to be doing, but only a handful are doing it successfully. We believe there are five key capabilities every organization needs to create a culture of innovation. BTS can partner with you to build the capability of your team in:

  1. 1. Thinking from the future back
  2. 2. Customer centricity
  3. 3. Divergent thinking & applied creativity
  4. 4. Disciplined experimentation (Agile)
  5. 5. Applied digital acumen and literacy

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How will you equip your business for a recession?
It’s time to prepare your leaders and your business for a recession. With a distinct sense of urgency, a key BTS client recently asked us to create a learning event to prepare leaders to ‘recession-proof’ their company.
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Working in BTS Middle East

Working at BTS means working in an organization that puts people first. We want to be the coolest consulting firm to work for, and that is reflected in a work environment where you have opportunities to grow from day one.


At BTS Middle East you will work with diverse teams, in a meritocratic and fun environment where you will have a lot of exposure both internally and with our clients. You will work with reference organizations from different industries, which will allow you to accelerate your learning curve and never stop learning.

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