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Executive Advisory

Advising CEOs, C-level Leaders and their teams throughout the leadership lifecycle


We are a premiere partner to senior executives at the world’s leading companies. BTS Executive Advisory is a unique partnership for top leaders who are moving into high stakes roles or driving critical business strategies that have enterprise impact.

Beyond traditional executive coaching, BTS Executive Advisory provides leaders with an experienced partner who has deep expertise in advising top executives in some of the world’s most valuable companies.

Real-time access to the Advisor allows executives to keep pace with strategic decision-making, team performance, organizational engagement and alignment, formal and ad-hoc communications and achieving their own personal leadership goals.

Executive Advisory offers unlimited support without the restriction of “maximum meetings.”  We’ll focus on increasing the leader’s impact and building their personal brand with all audiences to instill ongoing confidence in the strategy, buy-in for initiatives, and excitement to work in and with their newly created organization.

Benefits of working with a BTS Advisor
  • Assess the team (direct reports) strengths and gaps in context of the business
  • Build team dynamics to align and accelerate performance
  • Strengthen capabilities in priorities and decisions to speed strategy execution
  • Advisor attends meetings, conferences, events, as designated by the leader, to provide real-time feedback
  • Helping the leader modulate/flex their leadership communication style to “meet their audiences where they are”
“Working with BTS has had a significant impact on my effectiveness at engaging at the senior level. My Advisor quickly dove into my business during a time of transformative change, identifying opportunities for me to rapidly demonstrate greater impact.”

President, Major Health Insurance Company

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The BTS Advisory Difference

Our Advisors

We are seasoned leadership experts with real-world business experience. Each of our Advisors has led through challenging transformations, organizational restructuring, M&A, and market disruptions while shepherding their teams to reach growth targets.


Our approach is practical, proven, high-touch and real-time. We have worked with 30% of the Fortune 500 and have helped thousands of leaders at the top of the house across all industries and geographies lead their companies to drive growth, realize investments in M&A, accelerate value gained in digital and operational transformations, and sustain company culture to attract and retain the best and brightest.

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The BTS Advisory Difference

The Advisory Experience

Over the course of the engagement, executives have a tailored roadmap customized to reach meaningful outcomes and measures of value.


The Advisor invests in early discovery and context setting to track with real-time scenarios, introducing fresh concepts to ignite new thinking, inspire trust and confidence with the organization, and engage important stakeholders.

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The BTS Advisory Difference

Data Driven Insights

Our proprietary research on executive leadership underpins the early discovery process and provides unique data designed to enable enterprise level success.


Our research-based leadership model and 360 Assessment, the ExPI™, provides the leader with clarity on an Advisory Roadmap to create momentum and engagement around important strategies. This fresh data offers insight that is actionable and approaches that are practical.

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The ExPI™ Assessment

The multi-rater tool is used to help leaders develop the presence and influence necessary for leading teams, driving strategy, and making an impact. Organizations use the ExPI™ to develop future leaders, build the influence of seasoned leaders, and ensure teams are driving organizational performance.

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The LTPI™ Assessment

The LTPI™ Assessment shines a light on a team’s collective strengths and gaps, in real time, with the goal of interpreting that data in context with the team’s mission, goals and challenges.

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