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There is a compelling, urgent case for teams to look inward at how they operate together. In today’s complex, global, fast-paced business environment, increasingly the work of organizations is done in teams, and in teams of teams. The challenge is that this is hard. Team failures are costly, and it is often team dynamics that create the impediment.

That’s where BTS comes in. We work with teams to become high performing so they are able to accelerate the company’s important strategies.

What do we mean by high-performing?

“A high performing team sets free the genius of its members to create the extraordinary together.”

A team is not a collection of individuals, it is a unique group with its own mix of people, and mandates. Therefore, we need to look at the team “as a whole” and how that team works together.

Why choose BTS for your leadership team facilitation?


By working with us, teams are able to:


  • Resolve insular and silo’d thinking and poor collaboration
  • Turn a lack of healthy debate/constructive conflict into honest and open discussions about important matters
  • Solve tough challenges together, while including the key perspectives
  • Make clear decisions involving important stakeholders
We have had our best year ever. We’re working better than we ever have – we’re a professional working team. Looking back 18 months ago, we were worrying about each other’s agendas. Now everyone’s agenda is to move in the same direction, so we’re getting things done more quickly and we’re able to have constructive conversations, see blind spots and accomplish more.

President, Major market-dominant health insurer

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The Leadership Team Performance Index Assessment

The LTPI™ Assessment shines a light on a team’s collective strengths and gaps, in real time, with the goal of interpreting that data in context with the team’s mission, goals and challenges.


The Leadership Team Performance Model, and the LTPI™ (Leadership Team Performance Index) assessment based on the model, provides teams and their leaders keen insights into essential behaviors that typify today’s high performing teams. This new model and assessment draw on the latest research on global teams as well as tried and true, proven tenets of great team performance.

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The Executive Presence Assessment

The multi-rater tool is used to help leaders develop the presence and influence necessary for leading teams, driving strategy, and making an impact. Organizations use the ExPI™ to develop future leaders, build the influence of seasoned leaders, and ensure teams are driving organizational performance.

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