The Fearless Thinkers Podcast | Episode 4, Part 2

Big hearted and high performing

with Jessica Skon, BTS CEO

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In the second half of our chat with Jessica Skon, President & CEO of BTS Group, learn what she means by a big hearted and high performing culture, both at BTS and in today’s business environment.

About the show

The Fearless Thinkers podcast, hosted by Rick Cheatham and Masami Cookson, personalizes BTS’s perspective on the people side of strategy.

Aron Towner edits, mixes, and designs graphics for the show.

Fearless Thinkers is produced by Gloria Breck.

Special thanks to Joe Holeman, Chris Goodnow, Meghan McGrath, and Erik Spangberg for their invaluable help.

Show notes

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