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BTS and Clients win 31 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2021

BTS, a world-leading strategy implementation firm, win 31 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2021 in partnership with their clients.

4 ways to make behavioral change stick

More than 7,800 businesses globally use simulations as part of their training. Why? Learn the 4 reasons simulations are so effective.

Optimizing the candidate-to-employee journey

Throughout the talent-acquisition process, candidates form critical opinions about the company. Learn the 6 phases to focus on for success.

Mobile learning: the solution for revolutionizing the learning landscape

Mobile learning is perfectly aligned with contemporary learners’ needs. As many organizations struggle with where to begin, here are real-life examples of how some organizations use a shift to mobile as a way to rethink their learning strategy.

3 tips for building the right content strategy

Because both technology and content play key roles in effective digital-learning experiences, here are three ways to rethink content strategy and maximize the potential of your learning tools.

What you don’t know can hurt you: why choosing your own coach is a bad idea

What’s wrong with choosing your own coach? Despite the best of intentions, it’s too easy for bias to seep in. Learn how to preserve the integrity of your coach-selection process.

Want to create lasting behavior change? Stop only assessing behaviors, and start assessing mindsets

How can an organization create long-lasting behavioral change after training programs? Rather than targeting behaviors, shift mindsets.

5 stepping stones to accelerate your strategy by shifting culture

Every business transformation is also a culture transformation. Your organizational culture will either accelerate or stifle the process.

4 steps to onboard and retain diverse talent

What do talent acquisition and employee onboarding have to do with organizations committed to recruiting diverse talent? Here are four things to keep in mind.

Tools, duels, and rules: 3 steps for driving a higher-performing team

Looking to improve team performance? There are 3 steps to take that leverage wisdom from Liz Wiseman’s NYT-bestseller, Multipliers.

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