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SIOP Annual Conference

April 19-22, 2023 | Boston, MA


Real-world experiences drive real-world results.


Identifying and developing exceptional leaders requires focusing not only on people leadership capabilities, but also on the business leadership capabilities necessary to execute on company strategy.


BTS’s comprehensive suite of assessment solutions will ensure that your organization has the right people in the right roles with the right skills making the right decisions.

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WEDNESDAY • Pre-conference Workshop (registration required)

Future Storming: Reimagining Talent Strategy for Today

These are times of rapid change. Thinking from the future back requires specific provocations to help people break free from conventional thinking and explore something new. Through a process called future-storming, we will imagine I-O’s role in the future of work and develop strategies for addressing future talent needs across the employee lifecycle and the unknown evolution of organizations.


THURSDAY • 10:30 AM • Room 309

Learning From My Mistakes: A Series of Personal Case Studies

This session will cultivate I-Os identity as a body of professionals who try to do the right thing but occasionally fail. Leading SIOP Fellows will share mistakes they have made throughout their careers in the conduct of I-O, and collectively the warning signs that were either missed or dismissed will be explored.


THURSDAY • 5:00 PM • Exhibit Hall

Does Mobile Matter? Examining Device Type and Method Factor Effects on SJT Outcomes 

Authors examined how 2 predictor method factors, contextualization and stimulus format, affect SJT scores and test-taker reactions across mobile and nonmobile device types. Contrary to expectations, device type had no significant effects on scores or reactions; however, increasing context and adding pictures to the test had positive effects on scores, and in 1 instance on reactions. Overall, the study provides little empirical support for mobile assessment frameworks but suggests that contextualization and stimulus format can meaningfully impact SJT outcomes.


FRIDAY • 2:00 PM • Room 208

Cutting-Edge Practice in Development Assessments 

Organizations are increasingly using assessments for development purposes. This set of presentations focuses on bridging the gap between assessment tools and how assessment data can best be used to help drive individual insight. Beyond personal insight, papers in this session will also address innovations in assessments that help individuals develop new capabilities and organizations gain competitive advantage.


SATURDAY • 8:30 AM • Room 310

Forgotten but not Gone: Workplace Insights From Under-Researched Employees 

More energy and attention than ever before is being put into creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. Still, many minoritized groups are underrepresented in current research, yet to have their stories told. This symposium aims to represent some of the forgotten populations by drawing on cross-disciplinary research and utilizing novel research methods. Together, 5 research teams share the experiences of migrant seasonal farmworkers, long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS, those who have experienced pregnancy loss, adoptive parents, and individuals with a criminal history.

Talent acquisition & succession

Real-world experiences drive real-world results.

We believe context matters. Our assessments are about leading your business, not any business, and mirror the dynamics of your business and culture.

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