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Top trends emerging from COVID-19 and their lasting impact on leadership

Matt Prostko, head of BTS Austin office, wrote this article on Top trends emerging from COVID-19 and their lasting impact on leadership.

Strategies for Unlocking Above Average Returns

In today’s agile working environment, the responsibility for creating and refreshing strategy is being pushed further down into the enterprise. Here’s how to leverage tools to turn the vision into a clear strategy and execute it.

Staying Ahead of the Chains This Year

Matt Prostko introduces his new book “Ahead of the Chains,” relating business strategy to the game of American football, providing actionable tips for leaders to operate from the advantaged position of foresight – playing ahead of the chains.

Thawing the Frozen Middle: How to Drive Performance and Engage Middle Managers

Middle leaders are a critical resource in large organizations, with high leverage to strategy execution, operational business performance, and human productivity. However, research has shown that they are often overlooked, undervalued, and under-invested within the enterprise. Thus, organizations looking to drive improved performance may find high value returns on clarifying and simplifying roles for middle leaders, and investing in more robust approaches to acquiring and developing them.

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