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Define what great leadership looks like in your organization

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Program description

Leadership is contextual. We believe in defining what “great” leadership looks like in your company. We codify what great leaders do in your organization into three solutions based on their insights and experience at your organization.


Business challenges addressed

I need my leaders to:

  • Understand what capabilities and behaviors are needed for high performance in their role
  • Identify critical moments on the job where these capabilities are necessary
  • Help employees most effectively work toward gaining deeper functional expertise, as well as a strong leadership presence and influence

Program details

  • Format: virtual, in-person, or hybrid
  • Duration: multi-day

Program elements

  • Leadership development
  • Leadership assessments
  • Post-workshop coaching journeys
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How we help

Great profiles

Great Profiles define how a Great Leader shows up to work each and everyday to help the company execute against its strategy. They serve as the foundation to set the right leadership expectations and guide leaders on how to be great, yet still maintain their authentic style.

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How we help

Great playbooks

Great Playbooks define what daily moments are most pivotal and what “Great Leaders” and what “Not-Yet-Great Leaders” do in those situations. They identify what moments are most pivotal to be successful and show leaders what to do and what not do in those pivotal moments.

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How we help

Experience Maps

Experience Maps identify the foundational and leadership experiences an individual can seek throughout his/her career that will provide the opportunity to develop within a job family or career track. When we pair an Experience Map with a Great Profile and a Great Playbook, we help you paint a clear picture around what great performance looks like defined as capabilities, in what critical moments those capabilities show up, and how to help employees build those capabilities through targeted experiences.

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