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Program Description

The BTS Multipliers Simulation uses the Multipliers-Diminishers model to deliver a powerful, inclusive, modern, and immersive experience. Leaders can practice using a Multipliers mindset and experiment with new behaviours, within the context of real-world business challenges but in a safe environment.

The Multipliers Simulation objectives:

  • Exploring the Multipliers mindset within the context of a leader’s role and real-world business challenges.
  • Leveraging a powerful, inclusive, and immersive experience with peers, to practice new leadership behaviours during scenario-based moments.
  • An increased self-awareness of leadership behaviours and tendencies, including examining thought processes to avoid potential Diminisher moments.
  • Learning new tips and sharing a practical toolkit for how to apply a Multipliers mindset back in the role.
  • Discover how to nurture a Multiplying culture in their organisation

Business challenges addressed

Scalable leadership development that is:


  • equitable across levels and functions
  • consistent with leadership expectations
  • inclusive and meets accessibility requirements
  • budget friendly
  • engaging and immersive
  • effective within a psychologically safe environment


Differentiated leadership programs that move alongside and support different leadership levels


Build a Multipliers culture, drive collective awareness, and have a common language across the organisation


Program options

  • Leader Experience – Focus on key components of the Multipliers research, for a wide range of leaders: Front line, First time, Aspirational, Individual Contributors, High potential, Early professionals, Mid-level.
  • Senior Leader Experience – Elevated discussions around the tensions that Leaders-of-Leaders face to drive a bigger impact around people and business results. Focus on Enterprise-wide thinking, cross-functional collaboration, impact on organisational culture, and influence.
  • Executive Experience – Focus on building a Multiplying culture, socialise and drive collective awareness inclusive of the top C-suite Executives.
  • Multipliers Journey – Customised or Off-the-Shelf, a journey design which blends different modalities and interventions, including the Multipliers simulation, offering participants a longer learning experience.
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The BTS Difference
We take the brilliance of the multipliers framework and accelerate it with our powerful journeys, simulations, and digital platforms. Our Multipliers Simulation combines the Multipliers concepts with BTS’ powerful learning approach of teaching leadership concepts in deeply contextual business simulations.
The Power of the BTS Simulation

Known for over 35 years as the best in the business in simulation, the BTS Multipliers Simulation is grounded in learning the mindset shifts and behaviour changes found in Multipliers within the context of real-life business challenges.

The Power of the BTS Journey

Mindset shifts are a journey. Ongoing support and reinforcement mechanisms must be in place that help people practice and apply new mindsets a skills on the job, in the flow of work. Our journeys have been developed to include a variety of activities and modalities to sustain change.

The Power of the BTS Platform

Flexible consumption of strategically critical content at the moment of need allows leaders to learn in the flow of work. We’ve put together an unprecedented breadth of assets to truly make personalised, relevant learning a reality

Simply working harder is an increasingly ineffective approach

Liz Wiseman’s research revealed how people’s intelligence can be multiplied or diminished by their leaders. This variance means that some leaders are able to get more ideas, broader perspectives, and keener insights from their teams, while other leaders simply drive their teams to work harder.


Our customers at BTS, across industries and global cultures, have embraced Multipliers as a leadership philosophy and a practical approach to training leadership skills.


BTS has partnered with the Wiseman group for more than 10 years to bring our clients the Multipliers Simulation. The Multipliers mindset and behaviors are developed in the context of real-world business challenges through a moments-based simulation. Participants leave the facilitated workshops with actionable takeaways so the Multiplier principles can be applied immediately, making a big impact on their organisation’s people and business strategy.


BTS has guided over 75,000 leaders, at more than 150 organisations across 30 countries, to elevate their leadership effectiveness using a Multiplying mindset.

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Watch as Jim Perry and Liz Wiseman discuss in more detail how the Wiseman Group and BTS work together.
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Client stories

Multiplying intelligence for a vision

A leading gas and electricity utilities company made its goal to become the utility provider of the future. In order to achieve this vision, the organisation identified that it needed to develop its leaders to provide them with the critical skills for success. Facing the challenge of working on remote teams, the organisation needed a solution that would touch all people despite their differing locations.

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Client stories

Driving strategy execution virtually

A highly successful multinational packaging and processing company, with many long-tenured leaders, recognised that the mindsets enabling past success would not necessarily sustain it. Thus, the organisation’s leadership set a goal: to become a packaging company of the future. To do so, they implemented a new business strategy that would increase its focus on sustainability, quality, innovation, and customer centricity.

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Client stories

Leadership development at a leading provider of home health and hospice care

A leading provider of home health and hospice care consistently delivers high quality care but strives to be the premiere solution for patients across the country to age in place. To meet this ambitious goal, the organisation identified the need to develop their people, providing them with the leadership and business skills necessary to drive results and continue providing top-of-the-line care.

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