Sales Coaching with AI

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1 hour

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This webinar will explore why it’s crucial for organizations to reconsider the responsibilities of their managers when it comes to lasting behaviour, guide you through the steps required to establish a sustainable coaching system, and demonstrate how to craft engaging and effective experiences by harnessing the power of AI.

View the case study: Cultivating sales manager capabilities through coaching.

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We will explore

  • Why Sales Coaching Matters

Explore the compelling reasons why sales managers must reevaluate their roles and embrace Sales Coaching as a key element for success.

  • What to Do: The Sales Coaching Process

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Sales Coaching Process, laying the foundation for sustainable change.

  • How to Create Sustainable Change

Witness real-life examples of engaging journeys powered by AI and conversational analysis, offering a glimpse into the future of sales excellence.

Who should attend

This event is best suited for Leaders and individuals in Sales and Marketing, Enablement, Transformation, and Learning and Development.

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