Want to create lasting behavior change?

Stop only assessing behaviors, and start assessing mindsets


Published on: August 2021

Written by: Jen Spring

Many organizations invest large sums in assessments and training programs, but too often, employees revert to their previous ways. This occurs because the initial assessment and resulting intervention targeted the symptom (behavior), rather than the root cause (mindset), of a performance gap. So, how can an organization create long-lasting, business-improving behavioral change?

Assessments should expose the subliminal thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and beliefs that drive an employee’s current performance, or that may obstruct their full potential. Only then can assessors accurately design interventions that shift mindsets, and therefore behaviors, for the better. Here are three instances of how your organization can use this approach.

From individual insight to customized coaching

Oftentimes, excellent salespeople-turned-sales managers struggle to share their wisdom and drive peak performance from their teammates. Why? Because their individual insights into the art of selling are not universal.

No one skillset nor tried-and-true script makes a great seller. Rather, successful salespeople have a certain belief system that drives their curiosity towards customers, reactions to rejection, and general stamina. A simple shift in any of these mindsets can transform a sales team.

So, how do you implement this within your own team? Start by leveraging a mindset assessment that identifies the beliefs, values, and experiences currently at play. Then, follow up with a behavior-changing tool, such as personalized coaching, to help team members shift to mindsets that cement learning and ensure long-term behavior change.

Mindset shifts in multitudes

Pod coaching, also known as small-group coaching, is another way to leverage mindset assessments. Mindset assessments can be deployed at scale to provide cohort-level data, helping you select the key mindsets that need to change within a larger community.

For example, a leading multinational energy organization leveraged mindset assessments to map out a pod-coaching journey for its teams. The organization assessed 80 employees, identifying and creating customized coaching content to address the group’s most-needed mindset shifts. As a result, the journey was highly relevant to the teams’ most critical needs.

Some organizations have adopted cloud-based, self-paced individual learning journeys, the design of which is informed by mindset assessments. These mindset assessments identify individuals’ most beneficial shifts, which are then incorporated into their individually-personalized learning journeys.

Armed with this data, organizations can prioritize the shifts they see as critical for their people’s development today and save the shifts that will be more impactful in the future for a later date. The result is an ongoing personalized journey that grows with employees.

To ensure that your people’s default behaviors are the right ones for your organization, consider using mindset-evaluation assessments rather than behavior assessments. Mindset assessments allow you to identify and address the root cause of your peoples’ existing beliefs, shift them to ones that are aligned to your organization’s values, and structure a sustainable future for your organization.

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BTS Named a Top 20 Sales Training and Enablement Company in 2022 - BTS

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BTS Recognized as a Leader in Assessments in 2021 - BTS

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Delivering great care while driving the business

Tools, duels, and rules: 3 steps for driving a higher-performing team

A 4-ingredient approach to organizational transformation

Demystifying Business Acumen

Building capacity for more change

Intentional team conversations

Hybrid leadership moments and mindsets

Hybrid work: 7 signs that meeting should be an email | The Enterprisers Project

The future of work at Dow means nobody is left behind

Leadership Development to Drive Great Strategy Execution

How to be agile

Reimagining hybrid ways of working in a post-pandemic world

Making hybrid work

Coaching the Sales Coach

New Leader Program: Embarking on a leadership journey

Seize control: why “No” is the key leadership tool you need

Team is the New Hero

How to be less awkward on Zoom calls: 11 tips | The Enterprisers Project

The BTS assessment experience

Pfizer HiPo leader development success story

Virtual Sales Kickoffs

Driving AstraZeneca’s global succession processes

Strategy Alignment & Business Acumen

Social Impact Reports

Putting yourself in your client’s shoes

3 steps to shift from planning to action

3 pasos para pasar de la planificación a la acción

BTS Named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies 2021 List

3 pieces of advice from a board member to the CEO

3 reasons why enabling sales managers falls short

Henrik Ekelund Selected as One of Five Finalists

Las Cuatro Conversaciones Relevantes de Coaching

BTS Named a Top 20 Sales Training Company in 2021

Make your organization smarter

Multipliers: make your organization smarter

Displaying Grace Under Pressure: 5 Strategies to Keep Your Cool

FMCGs need to think BIG and SMALL in 2021

For Karen S. Carter, The Future Of Work At Dow Means Nobody Is Left Behind

Why "messy" leaders are the future

Who are your HiPos and how can you accelerate their success?

Why enabling sales managers falls short

Understanding project management

Promotion pitfalls: navigating the shift from comrade to commander

Don’t be the leader who works hard on the wrong things

Calculated risks towards growth

11 signs you need a CIO career coach | The Enterprisers Project

Facing your blind spots: how solving the wrong problem just became a bigger problem

If you think onboarding starts when employees show up for their first day on the job, you’re wrong

Focus on Your First 10 Systems, Not Just Your First 10 Hires — This Chief of Staff Shares His Playbook

Want To Build A More Resilient Organization? Start Here

Save yourself and your team: have fewer, better meetings

Managing remote employees: 8 best practices for leaders now | The Enterprisers Project

Leader as Coach

NACD BoardTalk | Five Reasons Why CEO Succession Fails, and How to Get It Right

Spark Profitable New Ideas By Speaking These Right Words

The 6 most common data technologies

Why your connections are your secret weapon

Good fences make good neighbors: why setting boundaries is the new leadership imperative

BTS acquires Bates Communications to Expand Executive & Team Offerings

Choosing the next CEO: why start now?

9 Best Practices to Lead and Manage Your Virtual Team | AMA

The fastest way to release bottlenecks: the 4 keys to intentional decision making

What does it mean to be a Change-Ready™ Organization?

Leadership Lessons from COVID-19: Building Future Ready Leaders

Why mindsets matter: The secret to lasting behavior change in moments

Emerging from the crisis: Findings from global financial services research

10 rules to ace the interview—as the interviewer

Increasing agility for a healthcare organization's HR department

Assessments for High Potentials

Accelerating execution at every management level

To build credibility with a CEO, act like a peer

Building a culture of agility to pivot and accelerate growth

7 remote work sins – and what to do instead | The Enterprisers Project

Battling Pandemic Blues: How Managers Can Rally the Troops - WSJ

10 essential soft skills for the remote work era | The Enterprisers Project

A BTS innovation story

Does Great Leadership Look the Same Across Companies?

How to be a better remote manager: 6 tips | The Enterprisers Project

6 Ways To Use The Video Camera To Engage And Inspire

Hidden in plain sight: the secret but obvious behaviors of the most effective teams

The uncommon sense of MESSY leadership

Delivering cash flow results

Creating business ownership

Creating a coaching culture

3 tips to get started in the novel world of hybrid selling

Cultivating an Agile Culture in a Virtual Environment

How to make difficult people easier without changing them at all

Re-imagining a CEO Leadership Summit

Implementing the Intelligent Enterprise

BTS and Clients win 19 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2020

How do you hire a diverse candidate pool?

Rapid Onboarding with Speed and Scale

Revamping performance management

Transforming sales organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic

BTS Client Stories: Interview with Silvia Ferrari, Head of Italy HR at The Walt Disney Company

Does safety matter in your workplace? Learn the common mind traps in safety and how to overcome them

Do you want to increase collaboration? How to break down team silos now

Winning in the fashion industry...

Developing new leaders at Splunk

The Office of the (Near) Future: Remote-First Work

Will You Lead or Follow in the New Normal?

Why bother with feedback in a moment like this?

Advice from a television news anchor: how to “leap through the camera” with virtual presence

Speaking coaches offer tips for sprucing up Zoom meetings - The Boston Globe

Preparing an entire field force for virtual promotion and support

Comprehensive succession and development for critical roles

Developing the next generation of C-suite leaders…

If you want your sales team to be effective, focus on business acumen

Don't let social distancing stop employee development

4 ways to help your millennial employees build resilience in this challenging time

Uncommon sense: Landing the learning from your sales kickoff

Why a coaching mindset could be essential for leading during uncertain times

5 leadership takeaways from Italy’s coronavirus response

The 4 barriers to change and how to overcome them

How to build the psychological safety that drives high performance

4 ways to make your organization change-resilient

How to develop Change-Ready leaders

Are your leaders ready for the next disruption?

BTS Sales Index - June 2020 Update

Becoming a great cloud company

How to make the leap from inclusion to belonging

Rotman management Magazine: Influence by Design

On video, amp up your presence with your FIELD of vision

Influence by design

13 Ways To Make Your Virtual Workplace More Like The Real Thing

5 tips to help your team focus during the pandemic | The Enterprisers Project

Getting started with cloud transformation

Cloud-first, growing and leading

Navigating a multi-year cloud transformation

Driving stronger business results…

BTS Sales Index - May 2020 Update

The top 5 challenges Professional Service Associates are facing today and what leaders should do

How to Virtually Launch a Biopharmaceutical During Covid-19

Top trends emerging from COVID-19 and their lasting impact on leadership

Key Innovation Update: BTS featured in RBC Capital Markets Newsletter

5 ways to streamline decisions in a time of crisis

The Virtual Disrupt Experience…

Activating a culture of inclusion and belonging

Creating a coaching culture...

Be the best at hiring the best

BTS Sales Index - April 2020 Update

Covid-19 and What Hasn’t Changed

Now is not the time to shortcut your hiring process

It’s Personal: Tapping into Resilience When Our Lives are Upside-Down

Selling in a Recession

Can you be too authentic?

5 biggest failures of leaders in a crisis

Leading virtually...

Leading virtually...

The anatomy of a message

Leader as Coach...

The Change-Ready Leader

Accelerating development with a performance culture…

Increasing personal influence for organizational effectiveness…

Strategy alignment in preparation for uncertainty...

A journey to a leadership pipeline…

Transforming leadership

Leading virtually...

Accelerating client business results…

Leader development at scale

Cascading a leadership framework

Accelerating speed and quality of decision-making

Turning HR professionals into coaches...

Leading during uncertainty

Accelerating leadership alignment

Multiplying intelligence for a vision...

Elevating the leadership mindset...

The people side of agile transformation…

Accelerating development with a performance culture

Accelerating speed and quality of decision-making

Enabling sellers to engage virtually

The power of digital training and leader-led follow-up

Scaling an award-winning, facilitated leadership program

Coaching to lead during challenging times…

How do you keep your people mentally healthy, motivated and productive during Coronavirus?

BTS Sales Index - March 2020 Update

Drop those bad leadership habits: unlocking the key to EI

Transforming the buying experience...

Bringing values to life...

Practice with an Expert: Supercharge your storytelling

Driving innovation...

Supercharge your storytelling

Unlocking sustainability through the four greatest coaching conversations

Experiencing great for corporate banking...

Advice for senior leaders who want to advance: Stop hiding, stop drifting

Culture change at a leading pharmaceutical company…

What should Lou do?

Developing a strategic vision at Gestamp

"Lead the Leap" to an integrated safety culture

Driving alignment for enterprise execution

Driving a safety culture

A new commercial model...

Becoming client-centric

BTS Sales Index - January 2020 Update

How Leaders Can Make Daunting Goals Realistic, Exciting, and Achievable

The surprising advantages of practicing “heads up leadership”

Assess Great: How to hire the right candidates

BTS Sales Index Update - Dec 2019

Your candidates know how to interview… Do you?

Fun with Moments

Shaping mindsets for change

How to make conflict constructive

If you’re leading an underperforming team, here’s what you may be overlooking

BTS Sales Index - November 2019 Update

The one-minute speech

You can't go at it alone: How a great team can be the antidote to loneliness

Overcoming in and out groups in teams

BTS Sales Index - October 2019 Update

Building the right boat: How leadership teams can better navigate the tides

Breaking out of the trap: your people are the key to sales success

Master your demons: Uncovering leadership blind spots

Epic fail: The surprising reasons why coaching doesn’t work

6 Steps Leaders Can Take to Get the Most Out of Feedback

This simple conversation can help employees fight stress and build resilience

4 digital tips to accelerate your learning strategy

Use this conversation to help employees find their purpose

To Coach Junior Employees, Start with 4 Conversations

Your Millennial leaders and employees have never experienced a recession in their professional lives. Are you ready?

Belonging: the path to speaking up when you see bias

Step Back to Leap Forward: Why Leaders Need to Pause Often to Take Stock

BTS Sales Index - August 2019 Update

How high-performing teams operate to create the extraordinary together

BTS Digital Acquires SwissVBS to further expand and strengthen its digital learning offering

Get Your Senior Executives to Agree So You Can Get Work Done

Mindset-focused leadership coaching enables new habits

Lost in translation: leader as coach

How to Move from Self-Awareness to Self-Improvement

The habits of CEO success: are you solving the very problems your team should be solving?

We have a problem, and that's a good thing!

The science of influence: the three dimensions of executive presence

Decoding the High Potential Mystery: a practitioner perspective

CEO communication: what to say, when you really can’t say

Are you the CEO? Calm down.

A new era for EOS

7 Leadership Skills for the(Un)foreseeable Future

How to take a digital approach to strategic execution

How to ignite better learning and development through digital

How to bring fresh leadership coaching and development to your company

The leadership coaching secrets of smarter organizations

How to create a leadership coaching culture that helps your business blossom

How to nurture your high-potential employees

Can’t compete with start-ups? 3 tips to increase your organization’s customer centricity

Why today's problems need both/ and thinking

Want your digital learning journeys to do more than waste time? Look at the data.

To Improve Your Team, First Work on Yourself

What’s the right way to get the most value from your executive advisor?

The importance of building trust to drive a growth strategy

7 strategies for becoming CEO: how to position yourself for the top job

How Leaders Can Get Honest, Productive Feedback

Embrace failure to let your team grow

Shifting to a digital, agile paradigm at BBVA

BTS Sales Index - January 2019 Update

2018 sales enablement benchmarking: how you stack up

Leading with both sides of your brain: why strategic thinking is no longer enough

How to respond to surprising negative feedback: what to do when your boss rates you lower than everyone else

Rethinking Leadership: Understanding the "Genius" of Your Team

In a digitized world, have your talent assessment strategies fallen behind?

BTS Sales Index - December 2018 Update

Strategy is Like a Bag of Beads.

The 3 things you need to know about leadership development

Scaling an Agile mindset at a leading financial services provider

Leadership coaching as a culture enabler

The danger of saying yes: How doing it all minimizes your leadership

How to drive transformation in a change-averse industry

Building client relationships: ask great questions

What makes a learning initiative world-class?

The 5 tips you need to know for building effective leadership teams

3 principles for digital transformation

Closing the purpose gap

Finding your personal purpose

Is the pursuit of purpose the latest management fad? Nope. But it is getting more personal…

BTS sales index - November 2018 update

What Toys R Us teaches us about leadership cultivation

How to use prehire assessments to land the best recruits

Building a culture of innovation at Publicis Health

Developing your vision: how to use it to unlock growth

How to deal with difficult people in meetings

Leadership readiness: what nobody's told you about becoming CEO

The High Price of Being a Low Energy Leader

How to improve your company's leadership coaching results

BTS sales index - October 2018 update

Creating a Multipliers Culture

Building an innovation culture to drive company growth

The problem is we don’t agree there’s a problem: Why you’re struggling to influence

Managing industry change to develop a lasting growth strategy

BTS sales index - September 2018 update

What is leadership coaching?

AI and talent acquisition: a match made in heaven, or the end of hiring as we know it?

The 4 big mistakes in working with teams

How encouraging constructive conflict can create an innovative environment

Before you say no: leadership trumps functional expertise to deliver change

BTS Sales Index - August 2018 Update

Embracing the VUCA World… without change management

Forget about change management — embrace VUCA for leadership development

BTS Sales Index - July 2018 Update

Finding opportunity in the complexity of global business

6 moves to build a customer-centric organization

How to elevate your sales on a foundation of AI

BTS sales index - June 2018 update

What you may be forgetting when implementing design thinking and Agile frameworks

What Mexico, Japan, and Senegal’s shocking 2018 world cup wins can teach us… about strategy execution

Leading in the digital workplace

The 3 moments that matter most in sales and how to better prepare for them

The robots are coming — are you ready?

Is strategy execution or formulation more important? Look to Dell for the answer

The one thing a leader can do to make their company more customer centric

How to use data to promote workplace diversity

Shifting IT culture in service of transformation

Restraint: It Helped to Lack it...Until You Got Promoted

Collaboration and authenticity: the secret sauce for driving growth

Introducing the Bates LTPI™: Defining what makes a team “high performing” today

3 ways to improve your onboarding process and excite new hires in their first week

Do you have a business acumen gap in your company?

What humans can learn from machine learning

BTS Sales Index - May 2018 Update

Stop the madness: take a moment-based approach to leadership development

Four principles for leading company-wide transformation

Redefining sales management at a leading cloud services provider

Leveraging leadership development for high growth in first-level leaders at Mercado Libre

Fostering a culture of innovation at LG through high-potential C-suite leaders

Accelerating a sales transformation at a leading global financial services firm

Cultivating culture change at Citizens Bank: it starts with managers

The end of solution selling

The thank-you trap: the business cost of being too deferential

How to make a big impact at your next quarterly meeting

Driving profit through sales transformation

BTS sales index - April 2018 update

4 steps you need to take to improve customer experience

The end of solution selling: how two sales orgs shifted

How to create customer conferences that drive results

Finding the right level of empathy

Culture change: activating new ways of working through transformational moments

Driving Profit through Sales Transformation

Busyness is Laziness: The Drawbacks of a Crazy Calendar

BTS Sales Index - March 2018 Update

How SAP is driving success with a strategic alignment and leadership journey

How to dazzle any audience with an entertaining introduction

Digital transformation at Red Eléctrica de España

Driving future growth: doubling down on general managers

How a leading market intelligence organization successfully implemented a new global talent strategy

BTS Sales Index - February 2019 Update

The 3 things your CFO wants you to know

Why the view from the summit isn’t the finish line: how to execute on your innovative ideas

BTS Sales Index - February 2018 Update

10 steps to redesign your sales training curriculum

You just had your sales kickoff—but it probably won’t have the impact you wanted

Purpose made personal: connecting personal and organizational purpose

Are you part of an effective leadership team?

10 reasons that your team isn't working

Strategies for unlocking above average returns

How Leaders Can Create New Year’s Resolutions That Will Last

Enterprise transformation at a technology organization

Sustaining hypergrowth: strategy alignment for billions and beyond

Staying Ahead of the Chains This Year

The one step you need to add to measure the impact of training

"I really enjoyed this discussion, now I'm eager to go back to my job"

There's Value in Being Wrong

BTS Sales Index - December 2017 Update

Top Results for the Bottom Line: Four Steps to Transform Banking Sales through Better Tech

Growth: the unexpected formula

How One Senior Manager Delivered High Impact Growth Using Selection and Development

The 3 Things Successful Leaders Consider When Facing a Digital Transformation

The Future of Technology (and Advisors) in Wealth Management

BTS Sales Index - November 2017 Update

A global journey towards transformation, growth, and innovation

Empowering country managers to drive growth

Making Strategy Personal: Activate Execution at Every Level in Your Organization

Are You Sleeping with the Enemy? What Netflix Can Teach Us About the Risks of Technical Partnerships

BTS Sales Index - October 2017 Update

How to navigate sales turbulence and land more customers

Rockstar to Roadie: Is Your Inner Perfectionist Sabotaging Your Leadership?

Who Do You Put First? The Stakeholder You Choose Defines Your Company Culture

The End of Training is Near: What's Next for L&D Professionals?

What Today's Best Executives Have in Common with Music Producer Jimmy Iovine

Motivating Sellers to Sell More

How to Give Feedback People Can Actually Use

8 Formats of Virtual Program Delivery - It’s Not Just One-Size-Fits-All

So I Tanked My Assessment... and Then My Company Thrived.

Leadership is Contextual - So Let’s Develop Our Leaders in the Moments They Experience

Making Better Decisions: Series Introduction

Making Better Decisions: Availability Heuristic

How To Communicate A Sales Initiative To Your Sales Force

Too Many Enablement Assets? When it’s Time for a Content Review

How to Respond To Big RFPs Creatively To Win Consistently

How to Design a Sales Certification Program

BTS Sales Index - September 2017 Update

Managing People is Not a Soft Skill, it is a Hard and Complex Journey

3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’

Igniting global culture change

Winter is Coming - Your Survival Depends on Great Strategic Execution!

How Leaders Best Seed and Nourish Innovation

Organizational Agility, Part 2: Cracking the Code on the “Flipped Pyramid”

Organizational Agility, Part 1: Let Your People Improve Your Process

What do US Army Officers and Business Executives Have in Common?

Define Reality and Provide Hope: Which is More Important for Leaders to Do Today?

The Three Marriages of the Professional Services Consultant

The 5 Struggles of the Professional Services Leader

Becoming the Global Leader that Local Leaders Welcome

What’s Tough about Leading People? A View from the Front-line

3 Essential Components of Business Acumen for Middle Managers

No More 'Death by PowerPoint': Revitalize Your Approach with Business Simulations & Experiential Learning

Dare to be Different: Unlock Your Business’ True Potential with a Custom Business Simulation

The Age of Man-Machine Partnerships: Article by Peter Mulford in HR People+Strategy

No One Has Sales Coaching Figured Out: We've Helped Managers Get It Right

Start with Sales Tools, then Train to Change Behavior

Benchmarking Sales Enablement: How You Stack Up

3 Reasons Why Sales Reps Have Product Conversations (and What to Do About Them)

When Less is More: How to Have More Meaningful and Profitable Telesales Conversations

New Research: A Common Mistake Leaders Make When Conflict Arises

Avoid the Void: Why and How to Amplify Your Authenticity

Implementation of a new supply management philosophy

Jessica Skon Wins Bronze Stevie® Award for Woman of the Year in 2017 International Business Awards

Overcoming triangulation: How to stop that toxic backchanneling

The 5 Skills Leaders Need to Be Successful in the Future

Explore the Future… Before You Become a Thing of the Past

Help Your People Become Great, Later, by Helping Them to be Dreadful, First

The Shift To Inside Sales (and What It Means For Outside Sales)

The Best Sales Methodology: One That Gets Put To Work

A Sales Training Program Isn’t Enough: Drive Change Through Small, Structured Risks

Awesome Product Training Shows the Sales Force Why Customers Will Care

The 3 Critical Components of Decision Making for Better Strategy Implementation

C-Suite communication: what your CEO respects and wants

Bringing Vision into Focus: Five Tips to Tackle Leaders’ Weakest Link

Leadership is Relentlessly Contextual and Here is Why

Thawing the Frozen Middle: How to Drive Performance and Engage Middle Managers

The 3 Principles of Digital Disruption: What we can learn from a mattress company

“Strategy Execution” is a Dying Industry… and I am a Strategy Execution Consultant

Don't Waste Dumb Money: The 3 Things About Innovation Every Leader Should Know

Guided Selling, Explained

How to Use a CRM: Make It Actually Helpful to Sales Reps

Unlocking Potential: The 4 Steps for How to Move Leaders from Knowing to Doing

Great leadership style: the power of intentionality

Building a Culture of Customer Centricity with a Blended Leadership Training Program

How leaders develop and communicate a vision

Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It)

The Secret Ingredient for Igniting Engagement and Results

The trust equation

Revenue management: a critical driver of success for consumer goods companies

The Power of Learning Journeys for Leadership Development

A data-driven & mindset approach to increasing diversity

A global leadership off-site for the future

From Business Simulation to Business Success: Personalizing Strategy and Building Strategic Alignment to Accelerate Growth

(Perfect) Practice Makes Perfect: The Value of Custom Business Simulations

How Innovation Leadership is Shaping the Future

Is Strategy Really That Important?

Accelerating an Agile transformation: preparing financial services leaders for the future

Creativity: an Essential Quality for Survival in Tomorrow’s Labor Market

Leading in the Cloud: Embarking on a New Transformation at a Global Enterprise Software Company

Unlocking the Strategy Execution Framework: What is Most Important?

Is Cash Still King?

The Great Playbook: Your Secret Sauce to Accelerating Leadership Development in Your Organization

Competency models are failing. Why?

Having Great Business Acumen in Your Organization is No Joke

Four Steps to Future-Proof Your Strategy

Being a Good Boss in Dark Times

Empathy in Leadership - Article Published in 世界经理人, Chief Executive Magazine

The Power of Failing Fast and Often

How Citizens Bank Experiences Great: Using Business Simulations to Drive Strategy Execution and Leadership Development

Engagement in the Heart of Silicon Valley: Mobile Device Technology for a Large-Audience Event

Bringing Great Leadership to Life at Intuit

How to Get Your Staff to Successfully Execute Change - Chief Executive Magazine

Training & Development Interview in Human Resources Magazine: Suite Talk with Alexandre Paitre

The Last Mile: Connecting Strategy to People

Fostering Collaboration

Developing Middle Leaders

The Twelve Shifts

Theoretical Underpinnings of our Approach

Technology Company Leverages Assessment Centers to Develop Senior Leader Capabilities

The Keys to Key Account Management: What Great Looks Like

Cracking the Code: The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution & Lessons for the C-Suite

Serve Before You Sell: Uncommon Wisdom for Prospecting and Growing Accounts

Accelerating Leadership Development: 10 Considerations for Your HiPo Program

Merck: Accelerating the Development of Latin American Leaders

Executing a 'One Company' Strategy

Identifying Exceptional Talent and Guiding Development

Developing Business Acumen in Non-Profit Leaders

The Strategy Execution Journey: Confronting the Challenge of Exceptional Execution

The Business Acumen Imperative

Why Innovation Efforts Fail and How to Fix Them

Business Acumen for the 21st Century

The Keys to Effective Decision Making

Mindsets: Gaining Buy-in to Strategy

Disrupting Leadership Development

How to Handle the Naysayer on Your Team

How to Give Negative Feedback When Your Organization Is “Nice”

Beyond 360s and Ride-Alongs:

Business Simulations: Why Are They Effective

Your Next Leadership Off-Site is Going to Waste a Lot of People’s Time

Resonance: The Art of Forging Meaningful Connections

Conducting a Media Sales Transformation

Demystifying Strategy Execution

World Class Performance Management BTS Capabilities that Accelerate Strategy Execution

How to "wow" the board of directors in three minutes or fewer

Restraint: Cool Thoughts on a Hot-Button Issue

Leadership development: The secret to success at Macy’s

Helping to Execute a Transformational Growth Strategy at VMware

Achieving business results at Gap Inc. 

Driving long-term growth: accelerating strategy execution at Gap Inc.

An assessment guides leadership development

How a CEO Inspired a New Business by Taking People Out of Their Comfort Zone accelerates a cultural transformation

Sony Empowers Front-Line Leaders to Drive Change

Executive alignment experience

Creating the Foundation for Leadership Development Strategy

A Revolution in Assessment Centers

Accelerating a Global Business Transformation (With Videos)

Executing Coke's Roadmap for Growth

Sales Transformation Through Customer Understanding and Innovation

Accelerating executive development at Chevron

Executive alignment initiative accelerates strategy execution

Building a Culture of Innovation at a Leading Port Investor, Developer & Operator

Practice Leads to High Performance

Accelerating a Sales Force Transformation at Autodesk

Driving Strategy Alignment at the Top

Immersing Leaders in a Digital Experience to Accelerate Strategy Execution

Leading Global Bank Gets Digital to Accelerate Strategy Alignment

Innovation is Everyone's Business

An “Unnecessary” Ski Lesson

Survey Says: The Perils of One-Way Communication

How metrics can be a driving force

From Pony Rides to Rodeos: How a Customer Decision Vortex Can Make You Miss Your Sales Forecast

Skills Mismatch: Does Business Acumen Enable Strategy Execution?

Head, heart, and hands: a model for thoughtful leadership

Why Connection Trumps Precision in Executive Presentations

Learning from S'mores

Partly Cloudy or Mostly Sunny?

Five keys to crafting a vision statement that actually matters

Salesperson as Navigator

Turbulent skies: why customers are taking longer to make buying decisions, and what to do about it

Where Have all the General Managers Gone?

Closing the Value Gap

Leadership development: Eliminating the obstacles

Great Leaders Understand the Power of Storytelling

Executive presence: what’s your “talk track”?

Leadership Communication: Unlike Riding a Bike

BTS Insights: Why Executives Need to Enhance Their Business Acumen

The Heat is On: CEOs Under Pressure to Perform

9 strategies for presenting to your senior leaders

8 secrets to help you speak like a CEO

How to get ready for that big presentation: practice techniques that guarantee success

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